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There has been some discussion regarding our statement on spectators as issued earlier in the week.       The following rules apply:

Spectators are only allowed if they are coaching, umpiring, or supervising children or if needed as support persons for persons with additional needs and exercising appropriate distancing requirements.

If present, spectators must not gather in groups of more than 10.

The reason we asked that legitimate spectators should be seated between the greens was to remove them from the presence of players.

Some Clubs may allow their members on Club premises whilst pennant is in progress, On no account are these people to sit at the ends of the green amongst the players.


Umpires Chief Ian Wilson has organised for aspiring and re-accrediting umpires, measurers and markers to have a series of tutorials commencing on Mon 16th November at Morwell BC. 

Anyone that has not already made an application to Bowls Victoria can still come and attend, but they need to go onto the Bowls Vic web site to get the application form, have it completed and sent back to Bowls Vic.   Ian can start them off without a copy of the form but he can’t have them do the final assessment without having it in his hands from Bowls Vic.  Ian’s email is

The course will be held at Morwell Bowling Club starting at 9:30am and will go till about 1:00pm each Monday.


As all Pennant Teams are lodged on Bowlslink this is an accurate attendance record for bowlers playing pennant as it can easily be retrieved.


A number of  Clubs have rung the DHHS and been given approval for four players to travel to Pennant in the one car providing they all wear masks.

Michael Holroyd

0434 146 865

WGBD PENNANT 2020-2021


The West Gippsland Board has agreed that we are aiming for the following commencement dates for Pennant:

Saturday Pennant

14, 21, 28 Nov, 5, 12 19 Dec, 16, 23, 30 Jan, 6, 13, 20, 27 Feb, 6, 13, 0, 27 March

If we were to start on 21 Nov we would play on Sat 9 January.

Midweek Pennant

10, 17, 24 Nov, 1, 8, 15 Dec, 19. 26 Jan, 2, 9, 16. 23 Feb, 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 March

If we were to start on 17 Nov we would play on Tues 22 Dec.

Notes for Pennant this season

Pennant is a rock up, play and go home game due to Covid 19 requirements.

Players should bring their own food and drink together with drink bottles.  Self Serve tea and coffee will not be available at Clubs due to the stringent cleaning requirements with providing refreshments.

If a raffle is held it must be held prior to play.  Pre-game assemblies must be held outside.  Rain delays must observe Covid 19 restrictions.

All players must wear a mask.  Car travel is currently restricted fo eligible bubbles which would not include 4 bowlers travelling to bowls in the one car.

Saturday Pennant will be held over 25 live ends with the same number of players as last year and a break of 10 minutes during the afternoon.  If both managers agree play can be straight through.  If multiple games are at a venue breaks should be staggered to reduce demands on toilets etc.  There will be no afternoon tea.

Midweek Pennant will be held over 21 live ends with play straight through.

These changes have been made with consideration of the effects of Covid 19 and the upcoming absorption of West and South Gippsland Divisions into Strzelecki Region although it is anticipated that Pennant will remain area based.

Other Divisions and Regions throughout Victoria are planning to suit their regions.  North Gippsland are starting shortly, East Gippsland is looking to start after Christmas for example.