Saturday 13 March Pennant Report

Semi final day and what an eventful day it was.  Rain was forecast and teams were reminded to make every effort to complete the games on the day.

Division 1

Top sides Newborough and Traralgon revisited Morwell Bowls Club in a repeat of their epic finals matches of last year.  The game was a cracker. Traralgon got away to a good start leading by some twenty shots early in the game.  Newborough pegged them back going to a narrow lead at the half way stage to set up a nail biting finish.  Newborough was unable to break away; each time they got ahead Traralgon won a big end to retake the lead. 

When the rains came the game continued in a frantic manner with every shot counting as the visibility inside the dome at Morwell became reduced as the sky darkened outside.  Traralgon trailed narrowly 88 – 90 with two ends to play and just like basketball they took an entirety to bowl as both teams were frightened of giving their opponents an even break and wanted to have the last bowl in case a shot was needed for victory.  It was not to be and Traralgon drew two shots to tie the match 90 all.

A tie meant the team managers tossed for the right to roll the jack and teams had to start play from the end where they finished the twenty five end match.  West Gippsland Bowls Division Chairman Chris Ward played two of the best bowls of his career to have two bowls very close to the jack for Traralgon and his remaining team members Abe Roeder, Vince McIlwain and James Scullin drew four shots to draw level 27 – 27 with Paul Sherman and his rink of Tony Knipping, Barry Daley and Scott Jones and give Traralgon a hefty start in the sudden death playoff end.

Traralgon’s gun rink of recent weeks lead by Michael Yacoub with team members Ron Sherlock, Pat Trewin and Phil Mustoe kept Traralgon in the hunt all day with a 23 – 16 victory over Nosha Michaels and his rink of Charlie Ward, Jo-Anne Michaels and George Lambos. Kevin Lovett and his Newborough rink of Brian Carpenter, Rod Lewis and Neale Houston tied 25 – 25 with Matt Ferrari and his rink of Derek Hewling, Ian Hilsley and Wil McIlwain.  Alan Grubb and his rink of Bob Goldie, Ryan Marston and Craig Thornton lost narrowly to Wayne Lynch and his team of Kevin Enguell, Shane Chapman and Ian Kirkup 22 – 23 leaving Traralgon the winner by eight shots with an extra end played following an 90 – 90 draw.

Traralgon 98 defeated Newborough 90

Traralgon have a week off preparing for the Grand Final whilst Newborough will play Traralgon RSL in the preliminary final at Traralgon on Saturday following Traralgon RSL’s defeat of Drouin at a wet Newborough on Saturday.

Players commenced the day with the green in excellent condition.  Both teams enjoyed the excellent running grass green prepared by Scott Jones to play some lovely bowls.  The threat of rain had been in the weather reports all week and it eventually arrived wetting the players who continued to play in quite heavy rain.  The green slowed down but remained solid without the players slipping or bringing up divots. 

Beau Williamson from Traralgon RSL and his rink of Ross McKenzie, Jeff Blytheman and Maurice Sutcliffe set Traralgon RSL up for a big win as they won 31 – 17 over Mark Atkinson and his rink of Corey Atkinson, Steve Barr and Dale Hendrick.  Maurice Gardiner and his rink of Chris Mackintosh, Eric Warfe and Brendon Smiles had a 29 – 23 win over Sheryl Atkinson and her rink of Denise Hamilton, Jan Aubrey and Les Firth.  Rick Lukey and his team of Peter Barnes, Max Aumann and Kevin Durward won 20 – 19 over Mark Leighton and his team of Maureen and John Leighton together with Mick Fleming.  Toby Wallace was the big winner for Drouin with his rink of Peter Wallace, Graeme Aubrey and Samantha Atkinson winning 28 – 14 over Ross Sizeland and his rink of Dale Wilson, Titch Hore and Terry Hunter leaving Drouin down by seven shots.

Despite the rain making the last few ends very difficult Traralgon RSL handled the changing conditions much better and both sides should be congratulated for finishing the match in trying conditions .

Traralgon RSL 94 defeated Drouin 87

Division 2

The rains came early at Warragul with Moe leading by a few shots and the game stopped after a total of 68 ends played leaving 32 ends to be played.  Clubs were given the option of going to Traralgon and finishing the game at the indoor centre but decided that was inconvenient.  Morwell had been hoping the old rule of an abandoned semi final going to them as the team higher on the ladder.  The latest playing instructions from Bowls Victoria which were updated on 28 January instructed Regions and Divisions to ensure that every effort was made to complete finals matches on the day which was why the offer to continue play at Traralgon was made after sides were warned during the week to be prepared for a late finish.  The Bowls Victoria rules also state that if the match is not completed on the day that the match be finished at a later date prior to the next final. 

The Competitions Committee have agreed that the match will resume at 9.30am at Warragul Bowling Club on Saturday with the scores from last Saturday standing and the remaining ends to be played with the players able to have a two end roll up prior to the start of play as it is a different day.

At the conclusion of the match the loser will travel to Drouin to compete in the preliminary final against Neerim District who defeated Traralgon (2) at Morwell on Saturday.  The winner can go home to rest and prepare for the Grand Final the following Saturday.

 Trevor Kuhnell and his Neerim District rink of Ray Throup, Tony Thornton and Peter Brooks set the win up with a 32 – 16 win over Graham Cross and his rink of Ron Baker, Kathy Smiles and Garry Trewin.  Peter Throup and his rink of Gerry Englestad, Karren Sheers and Pat Fraser-Aurisch had a 22 – 19 win over Barry Fernance and his rink of Rob Marsh, Col Eagle and Bill Bishop.  The Traalgon fight back was lead by John Taylor and his team of Bill Kirby, Kirsty Van Den Hoff and Austin Gapper who won 34 – 22 over Neil Adams and his team of Robert Cook, Chris Hogan and Alex McGillivray.  Dave Currie and his team of Bill Munday, Stuart Hulse and Ian Bloomfield won 17 – 16 over Ross Pollard and his team of Col McKay, Jim Fallon and Ray Watts leaving Neerim District the winners by seven shots and the demise of Traralgon (2) means Longwarry’s time in Division One is up until they return to Division Two and win the pennant to return to the top level.

Neerim District 92 defeated Traralgon (2) 86

Division 3

Top team Thorpdale travelled to the good greens of Newborough and had a good day against Traralgon (3) despite the heavy rain coming towards the end of the match.  For the winners Brendan Jennings and his rink of Alan McLure, Darron Fraser and Denis Gunn had a 32 – 17 win over Norbert Schoeter and his rink of Jim Wilson, Greg Swan and Roger Davey.  Ross Kennedy and his rink of Wendy Jennings Ross Pethybridge and Shane Chambers defeated May Cross and her rink of Alan Keam, John Kong and David Karsky 24 – 20.  Bob Dykstra and his rink of Jedd Ladgrove, Elaine Swan and Max Cuming won 24 – 20 over Thorpdale’s Ben Powell and his rink of Ian Simpson, Ron Mackie and David Ferguson.  Trevor James was another Traralgon (3) winner with his rink of Matt Ogilvie, Brian Johnson and Ian Wills winning 23 – 21 over Danny Van Zuylen and his team of Brian O’Connell, Graeme Edwards and Scott Jennings.

Thorpdale 97 defeated Traralgon (3) 84

Thorpdale proceeds to the Grand Final and Traralgon (3) utilises its double chance having to play Warragul (2) at Newborough in the preliminary final following Warragul (3)’s defeat of Boolarra at Thorpdale.  Thorpdale was a surprising choice for a final in many people’s eyes, however, the green rolled well and the Club looked after the spectators very well.  When the rains arrived the players got very wet but were able to complete the game with the green draining very well.  The quality of the green speaks volumes for the voluntary workforce in charge of maintaining a fine playing surface.

David Smith for Warragul (2) and his rink of Kerri Currie, David Gatewod and Paul Simmons lead the way with a 33 – 15 win over Graeme Colbert and his team of Angela Mazou, Michael Schelling and David Caldwell.  Jim Moyle and his team of Matt Draisma, Ken Brown and Brian Kennedy won 26 – 14 over Boolarra’s Darren Napier and his team of Jack Cleaver. Eddie Dudek and Travis Baker.  Bob Allen brought Boolarra back in to the game with his rink of Tamara Traill, Joel Anderson and Peter Mazou winning 32 – 17.  Terry Parker of Boolarra and his team of Tony Snell, Pam Allen and John Cargill won 24 – 23 over Bob Currie and his team of Russell Carrick, Linda McCoy and Gabrielle Draisma. 

Warragul (2) 99 defeated Boolarra 85

Division 4

Top team Newborough (3) faltered in the semi final for the second year in a row losing to a strong Yarragon team looking to win Division 3 and return to Division 3 after a number of years in the wilderness.  Richard Polmear and his rink of Pam Jones, David Swingler and Harry Langres gradually got on top of Eagle Edwards and his rink of Ian Houston, Carmel Goss and Vern Verhagen winning 38 – 11 on a good Traralgon green which played well early and slowed down as the rain started.  The rain made play uncomfortable however it was not as heavy as at other Clubs and games proceeded without interruption.  Sam Mazza and his team of Lionel Deane, Ross McDermoott and Kevin McLaren were too strong for Charlie Cadby and his rink of Dave Madden, Steve Cunningham and Joy Cadby winning 27 – 19 after Cadby clawed his way back to trail 18 – 20 with Newborough (3) leading at that stage.

Peter Policha continued his good form for Newborough (3) with his rink of Marcia Evans, Wayne Russell and Chris Cunningham winning 32 – 2 over Majan Pazek and his rink of Graham Roberts, Gary Green and Murray Grigg.  Policha was assisted by Michael Holroyd and his rink of Josh Kennedy, Maurice Ludlow and Heather Mooney winning 23 – 15 over Jarrod Grigg and his team of Trevor Griffin, Gordon Wright and Bevan Romans.

Yarragon 101 defeated Newborough (3) 85

Morwell (3) took on Trafalgar (2) at Newborough and with only one rink up that of Trevor Curtis and his team of Arthur Wells, Julie Klein and Max Duncan won 33 – 15 over Mal Clymo and his team of Derek Jones, Lawrence Heenan and Gerry Rosenboom to give then an opportunity to proceed if they can beat Newborough (3) next week in the preliminary final.  For Trafalgar Wayne Hurst and his rink of Sean Tatterson, Ed Davies and Heather Taylor won 27 – 17 over Jack Prendergast and his rink of Les Brown, Rita Reddiex and Nick Nikodemski.  John Leicester and his rink of Barbara Evans, Alex Brodie and Sue Robinson defeated Ian Wilson and his rink of Ray Whittacker, David O’Reilly and Graham Hutchison 25 – 23.  Tony Dawson and his Trafalgar rink of Travis Jenkins, Greg Sephton and  Peter Watson drew with Bob D’Brass and his rink of Helen Cook, Bill Tyben and Keith Higgs.

Morwell (3) 97 defeated Trafalgar (2) 91

Division 5

Morwell Club (2) advanced to the grand final with a convincing win over Newborough (4) Gail Rejmer and her team of Steve Kilpatrick, Daryl Martin and Barry Flanigan defeated  Ken Bechaz 24 – 14.  Andrew Shepley and his rink of Jody Capp, Geoff Unwin and Bernie Marino defeated Rod Dixon 25 – 19 Beryl Noblett and Alan Campbell, Stan Morgan and Sue Karleusa defeated Jim Cuthbertson 21 – 20 in front of a good crowd of spectators from Morwell Club giving them plenty of encouragement.

Morwell Club (2) 70 defeated Newborough (4)  53

Churchill with Sean Peter and his rink of Paul Dodds, Herb Kennedy and Chris Thomas won 29 – 14 over Neerim District (2)’s Russell Meehan.  Bill Brown and his team of Craig Flanigan, Gillian Turpin and Vern Hargreaves won 24 – 17 over Greg Bond.  The winning Neerim District (2) rink was Jim Schroeder and his team of Graeme Wingrove, Gerald Winter and George Rymer who defeated Shirley Turner 20 – 16.  Churchill tackles Newborough (4) next week in a bid to advance to the grand final.

Churchill 69 defeated Neerim District (2) 51

Division 6

At Yallourn North conditions were testing as they were at other greens once the weather turned nasty, however, the games were completed with Longwarry (2) showing their class as they defeated Newborough (5) with Gerard Mitchell defeating Betty Williams 34 – 14 and Simon Counsel defeating Joan Lee 25 – 20.  Longwarry (2) will prepare for the Grand Final and Newborough (5) will have the second chance against the combined Boolarra/Yinnar team.

Longwarry (2) 59 defeated Newborough (5) 34

Boolarra/Yinnar defeated Churchill (2) with Peter Canavan winning 32 – 21 over Stephen Jones which was nearly matched by the oppositions Colin Smith who defeated Janet Napier 22 – 13 leaving the combine winners by two points.

Boolarra/Yinnar 45 defeated Churchill (2) 43

Preliminary finals will be held on Saturday.  Divisions 1, 4, 5 and 6 will play at Traralgon.  Division 3 at Newborough and Division 2 will finish their match at Warragul before moving to Drouin in the afternoon for the preliminary final. Everyone has their fingers crossed for a day free from rain.

Michael Holroyd

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With the threat of rain hanging around the violent storms on Friday night which left the greens at Traralgon and Trafalgar under water and the indoor facility at Morwell under threat from the inability to handle the runoff from the torrential rain it was decided to play as many games as possible under the roofs at Traralgon and Morwell.  Luckily for those playing outside there may have been some light rain, however, there were no interruptions for bad weather on the outside greens and all games were completed.


2nd Semi Final Traralgon 99 defeated Newborough 90 at Morwell

The top two teams were competitive under the roof at Morwell with Newborough having a small lead at the afternoon tea break before Traralgon recovered to win narrowly.  Wayne Lynch and his Traralgon rink of Rob Marsh, Michael Yacoub and Phil Mustoe had a 32 – 22 win over Alan Grubb and his rink of Alan Ryan, Jo-Anne Michaels and George Lambos.

James Scullin and his rink of Derek Hewling, Sean Chapman and Chris Ward gave Traralgon a second win with a 27 – 19 win over Nosha Michaels and his rink of Charlie Ward, Michael Weatherall and John Backman.  Ian Kirkup and his rink of Ron Sherlock, Ian Hilsley and Wil McIlwain had a 21 – 18 win over Paul Sherman and his rink of Dave Wurlod, Barry Daley and Kieran Gardiner.

Kevin Lovett and his rink of Tony Knipping, Craig Thornton and Neale Houston had a 31 – 19 victory over the previously unbeaten Traralgon skipper Matt Ferrari and his rink of Kevin Enguell, Abe Roeder and Vin McIlwain. 

Traralgon goes on to the Grand Final in a fortnight whilst Newborough plays in the Preliminary Final next Saturday against Longwarry the victors of the 1st Semi Final.

1st Semi Final Longwarry 97 defeated Traralgon RSL 87 at Traralgon

Playing at Traralgon Indoor facility Longwarry with three rinks up defeated Traralgon RSL  to continue a good run in Division 1 after winning Division 2 last year and Division 3 the year before.

For Longwarry Russell White and his team of Brian Hennessy, Mark Serong and Ian Peterson won 28 – 16 over RSL’s Beau Williamson and his team of Ross McKenzie, Gordon Bakker and Alan Kanavan.  John McCarthy and his team of Ken White, Simon Counsel and Ken Towt were 28 – 18 winners over Morice Gardiner and his rink of Max Aumann, Jeff Blythman and David Morley.  Trevor Eastwell and his rink of Glenn and Grant Pask together with Jason Lieshout narrowly won 22 – 20 against the RSL rink of Rick Lukey and his rink of Kathy Smiles, Gary Appleyard and Maurice Sutcliffe.

The lone Traralgon RSL winner was Dave Hodson and his rink of Dale Wilson, Terry Hunter and Ross Sizeland who won 32 – 19 over Barry White and his team of Elio Megetto, Judy Eastwell and Hank Metselaar with Longwarry set to face Newborough next week in the Preliminary final to get a tilt at Traralgon for a premiership chance. 


Moe 112 defeated Warragul 94 at Traralgon

Moe continued their good run of form as they took a big step towards gaining a return to Division 1 with a good win over Warragul with three rinks up.  Sandy Caines had a big 32 – 18 win over Graeme Davis, Jayde Leech had a 29 – 18 win over Bill Clappers and Stuart Caines had a 31 – 23 win over Clive Padgham.  The lone Warragul winner was Andrew Glover with a 35 – 20 win over Ted Kuklinksy. Moe heads straight to the Grand Final with Warragul playing in the Preliminary Final next week.

Garfield 85 defeated Traralgon (2) 83 at Morwell

In the closest game of the day Garfield snatched victory on the last end when with Garfield trailling by one shot on the scoreboard Nick Henwood’s team built a solid head holding five shots early in the end before Dave Currie reduced the margin to three shots leaving Henwood the winner 29 – 18 winners and Garfield win the day by two shots consigning Morwell to a return to Division 2 next season with the winner of Division 2 guaranteed a place in Division 1 next year with Traralgon (2) falling out of the premiership race. 


Thorpdale with three rinks up defeated Morwell 106 – 82 and are through to the Grand Final whilst Morwell plays Traralgon RSL (2) who had a 104 – 87 win over Warragul (2) with Gordon Astbury being the big winner winning 38 – 16 over Bob Currie.


Traralgon (4) with all four rinks up defeated Newborough (3)at Trafalgar to enter the Grand Final whilst Newborough (3) plays Garfield (2) in a Preliminary Final after Garfield beat Drouin (3) 99 – 83 at Warragul.


Morwell Club (2) upset top team Morwell (3) 78 – 52 and Newborough (4) defeated Traralgon (5) 84 – 50 at Moe with Morwell Club entering the Grand Final and Morwell and Newborough battling in the Preliminary Final.


Churchill defeated Longwarry (2) 58 – 33 and Newborough (5) defeated Morwell Club