With the threat of rain hanging around the violent storms on Friday night which left the greens at Traralgon and Trafalgar under water and the indoor facility at Morwell under threat from the inability to handle the runoff from the torrential rain it was decided to play as many games as possible under the roofs at Traralgon and Morwell.  Luckily for those playing outside there may have been some light rain, however, there were no interruptions for bad weather on the outside greens and all games were completed.


2nd Semi Final Traralgon 99 defeated Newborough 90 at Morwell

The top two teams were competitive under the roof at Morwell with Newborough having a small lead at the afternoon tea break before Traralgon recovered to win narrowly.  Wayne Lynch and his Traralgon rink of Rob Marsh, Michael Yacoub and Phil Mustoe had a 32 – 22 win over Alan Grubb and his rink of Alan Ryan, Jo-Anne Michaels and George Lambos.

James Scullin and his rink of Derek Hewling, Sean Chapman and Chris Ward gave Traralgon a second win with a 27 – 19 win over Nosha Michaels and his rink of Charlie Ward, Michael Weatherall and John Backman.  Ian Kirkup and his rink of Ron Sherlock, Ian Hilsley and Wil McIlwain had a 21 – 18 win over Paul Sherman and his rink of Dave Wurlod, Barry Daley and Kieran Gardiner.

Kevin Lovett and his rink of Tony Knipping, Craig Thornton and Neale Houston had a 31 – 19 victory over the previously unbeaten Traralgon skipper Matt Ferrari and his rink of Kevin Enguell, Abe Roeder and Vin McIlwain. 

Traralgon goes on to the Grand Final in a fortnight whilst Newborough plays in the Preliminary Final next Saturday against Longwarry the victors of the 1st Semi Final.

1st Semi Final Longwarry 97 defeated Traralgon RSL 87 at Traralgon

Playing at Traralgon Indoor facility Longwarry with three rinks up defeated Traralgon RSL  to continue a good run in Division 1 after winning Division 2 last year and Division 3 the year before.

For Longwarry Russell White and his team of Brian Hennessy, Mark Serong and Ian Peterson won 28 – 16 over RSL’s Beau Williamson and his team of Ross McKenzie, Gordon Bakker and Alan Kanavan.  John McCarthy and his team of Ken White, Simon Counsel and Ken Towt were 28 – 18 winners over Morice Gardiner and his rink of Max Aumann, Jeff Blythman and David Morley.  Trevor Eastwell and his rink of Glenn and Grant Pask together with Jason Lieshout narrowly won 22 – 20 against the RSL rink of Rick Lukey and his rink of Kathy Smiles, Gary Appleyard and Maurice Sutcliffe.

The lone Traralgon RSL winner was Dave Hodson and his rink of Dale Wilson, Terry Hunter and Ross Sizeland who won 32 – 19 over Barry White and his team of Elio Megetto, Judy Eastwell and Hank Metselaar with Longwarry set to face Newborough next week in the Preliminary final to get a tilt at Traralgon for a premiership chance. 


Moe 112 defeated Warragul 94 at Traralgon

Moe continued their good run of form as they took a big step towards gaining a return to Division 1 with a good win over Warragul with three rinks up.  Sandy Caines had a big 32 – 18 win over Graeme Davis, Jayde Leech had a 29 – 18 win over Bill Clappers and Stuart Caines had a 31 – 23 win over Clive Padgham.  The lone Warragul winner was Andrew Glover with a 35 – 20 win over Ted Kuklinksy. Moe heads straight to the Grand Final with Warragul playing in the Preliminary Final next week.

Garfield 85 defeated Traralgon (2) 83 at Morwell

In the closest game of the day Garfield snatched victory on the last end when with Garfield trailling by one shot on the scoreboard Nick Henwood’s team built a solid head holding five shots early in the end before Dave Currie reduced the margin to three shots leaving Henwood the winner 29 – 18 winners and Garfield win the day by two shots consigning Morwell to a return to Division 2 next season with the winner of Division 2 guaranteed a place in Division 1 next year with Traralgon (2) falling out of the premiership race. 


Thorpdale with three rinks up defeated Morwell 106 – 82 and are through to the Grand Final whilst Morwell plays Traralgon RSL (2) who had a 104 – 87 win over Warragul (2) with Gordon Astbury being the big winner winning 38 – 16 over Bob Currie.


Traralgon (4) with all four rinks up defeated Newborough (3)at Trafalgar to enter the Grand Final whilst Newborough (3) plays Garfield (2) in a Preliminary Final after Garfield beat Drouin (3) 99 – 83 at Warragul.


Morwell Club (2) upset top team Morwell (3) 78 – 52 and Newborough (4) defeated Traralgon (5) 84 – 50 at Moe with Morwell Club entering the Grand Final and Morwell and Newborough battling in the Preliminary Final.


Churchill defeated Longwarry (2) 58 – 33 and Newborough (5) defeated Morwell Club