Saturday Grand Finals Report

West Gippsland Bowls Division

Saturday Pennant Grand Final Results 29 February 2020


Division 1 Newborough 100 Traralgon 95 at Morwell

Newborough Club Manager Alan Grubb was the hero when he trailed the jack with his opponent Matt Ferrari holding four shots to give his team an eight shot turn around as he now held four shots and the game unless Ferrari could gain shot with his last bowl.  Ferrari drove and was unable to change the situation and Newborough with four shots went on to win by five shots 100 – 95 to end what had been an entertaining game at Morwell Bowling Club.

Alan Grubb and his team of Alan Ryan, JoAnne Michaels and George Lambos played catch up bowls all day against Matt Ferrari’s rink of Kevin Enguell, Abe Roeder and Vin McIlwain.  Early in the day Ferrari lead 7 – 1, Grubb pegged him back to 6 – 7, Ferrari won four ends to lead 15 – 6 and built his lead to 24 – 12 with five ends to go and Grubb reduced the gap to 6 shots with his four shots on the last end.

Nosha Michaels and his Newborough rink of Charlie Ward, Michael Weatherall and John Backman lost five shots on the first end against Ian Kirkup and his rink of Ron Sherlock, Ian Hilsely and Will McIlwain before fighting back and trailing 15 – 17 after fifteen ends.  Michaels won nine of the next ten ends to score a resounding 32 – 18 victory which helped get Newborough back into the game when they were fourteen shots behind at afternoon tea.

Kevin Lovett and his Newborough rink of Tony Knipping, Craig Thornton and Neale Houston went shot for shot early against James Scullin and his rink of Derek Hewling, Sean Chapman and Chris Ward trailling 8 – 9 after nine ends and falling behind 9 – 15 before gaining a five and a two to lead 16 – 15 and were never headed going away to a 29 – 23 win to help put Newborough in a winning position.

The remaining Newborough rink of Paul Sherman lead 12 – 5 after nine ends however after losing nine shots including a five fell behind 12 – 14 and were struggling at 13 – 20 after 17 ends and they fought back over the remaining ends winning five single ends which stopped Traralgon from building a big lead.

The crowd at Morwell saw some excellent bowls on the day, particularly over the last ten ends where the score changed regularly with Newborough getting their nose in front and Traralgon pegging them back before Newborough went in to the last end leading by one shot only for Matt Ferrari to hold four shots and seemingly a win for Traralgon before Alan Grubb managed to trail the jack to give Newborough four shots in a big eight shot turn around which Ferrari was unable to change with his last bowl in a final which went down to the wire at Morwell.


Division 2 Warragul 100 Moe 80 at Traralgon

After being the dominant side for much of the year Moe started well with Sandy Caines and his rink of Leigh Dodd, Frank Farrugia and Banger Harvey gaining six on the first end over Clive Padgham and his rink of Dvid Alderman, Jim Moyle and Peter Gallasch who went on to win the rink 27 – 23 as they came back from 1 = 13 down to win 27 – 23.

Bill Clappers and his rink of Ian Belling, Graeme Davis and Pat Hammond gained an early lead over the Moe team of Ted Kuklinsky and his rink of Michael Rudy, Les Stolarik and Jan Rudy and held sway for most of the day, however, Kuklinsky fought back late in the day with Clappers winning 19 – 17 in a close result.

Ken Scammell and his Warragul rink of Des TGephens, Paul Simmons and Jim Power built their lead consistently throughout the day winning 33 – 13 over Jayde Leech and his rink of Michael Smogavec, Bob Rennie and Ian Caines to help put Warragul in a winning position..

Stuart Caines and his Moe rink of Col Carmichael, Barry Hawkett and Alex Muirhead were the only Moe winners with a 27 – 20 victory over Andrew Glover and his rink of John Vickerman, Dave Smith and Janette Gallasch.

Warragul battled early, however, by afternoon tea they had built a solid lead which they were able to maintain for the rest of the day as they went on to win by twenty shots.


Division 3 Traralgon RSL (2) 97 Thorpdale 95 at Traralgon

Brendon Smiles was the hero for Traralgon RSL (2) after they were tied with Thorpdale after 100 ends requiring all teams to play an extra end starting at the end where they completed their 25th end.  When he went to play his last bowl Thorpdale held a narrow lead from the other three rinks and Danny Vanzuylen was holding five shots at the head after the RSL lead Titch Hore started with two bowls close to the jack before Thorpdale moved the jack and built a wall of three bowls in front of the jack.  It is an old saying that you must be up when you are down and not too wide as contact is essential in order to change the head and Smiles played an aggressive bow which somehow found the gap and rolled on to the jack giving Traralgon RSL an upset win over a Thorpdale side who had been top of the ladder most of the year. 

In other inks Gordon Asbury from RSL lost narrowly 26 – 28 against Ben Powell, Max Gibbins had a solid 27 – 21 win over Ross Kennedy and John Farquhar lost 25 – 27 to Brendan Jennings.

Traralgon RSL now go into Division 2 with teams in Division 1 and 2 for the first time and is a great effort considering that for many years their top team was in Division 2 and they are now in Divisions 1 and 2 after making the finals in Division 1 for the first time this season.


Division 4 Traralgon (4) 88 Garfield (2) 63 at Trafalgar

Traralgon were lead by Pat Trewin and her rink of Alan Keam, Richard Johnson and Stan Rycak with a great 37 – 6 win over a luckless Bob Lamport giving Traralgon a 31 shot buffer which the other Garfield teams were unable to bridge in what proved to be a very low scoring game across the other three rinks with Tony Colwell Traralgon losing to Judy Pocklington 18 – 21, Jim Barling Traralgon winning 20 – 18 over Don Knight and May Cross Traralgon lost 13 – 18 to Rod James.


Division 5 Morwell (3) 78 Morwell Club (2) 71

Morwell Club lead early, however, after afternoon tea Morwell got on top and went away to a 78 – 71 victory with Linda Gurney winning 25 – 22 over Beryl Noblett and Trevor Curtis defeating Brian Smith 28 – 23 with the lone Morwell Club winner Tess Borg winning 26 – 25 over Jack Prendergast giving Morwell teams in Divisions 2, 3, 4 and 5 next season.


Division 6 Churchill 44  Longwarry (2) 37

Churchill finally escaped Division 6 with their narrow win over Longwarry after losing players through injury during the week.

Shirley Turner won 21 – 19 over Lloyd Maisey and Sean Peter defeated Gerard Mitchell 23 – 18 to provide Churchill with the opportunity to go into Division 5 and perhaps make it more attractive to gain members for the newest Club in the Division.


Newborough goes on to play Phillip Island at Traralgon on Saturday 14th March to see who represents Strzelecki Region at the State Pennant Playoffs.