Strzelecki Bowls Region.

Men’s Regional sides team 2021.

Skip     Matt Ferrari

             Vincent McIlwain

             Craig Thornton

             Chris Ward

Skip     Daryl Major

            Paul Michael

            Brendon Hackett

            Brad Corcoran

Skip..  Michael Yacoub

            George Lambos

             Ian Kirkup

            Kevin Enguell

Manager     Ian Diss

Selector       Michael Holroyd


West Gippsland v South Gippsland

Taking the advice from the weather bureau Strzelecki Region transferred the annual round robin clash between West and South Gippsland to the undercover venue of Morwell.  It proved to be a good move after heavy overnight rain and intermittent heavy showers throughout the day it was not to be a day outside.  It was even quite cool watching the bowls at Morwell.

In the morning game South Gippsland got away to a great start before West Gippsland rallied to only go down by two shots overall with Matt Ferrari and his rink of Chris Ward, Craig Thornton and Vin McIlwain winning 10 – 9, Tommy Lodge drawing 9 – 9 and Michael Yacoub losing narrowly 10 – 13.

After a hearty lunch West Gippsland got away to a flyer with Matt Ferrari and his rink leading 11 – 0, Tommy Lodge and his rink of Wayne Arnold, Nosha Michaels and George Lambos continued the good start with a 7 – 1 lead after four ends.  South Gippsland rallied with Matt Ferrari eventually losing 15 – 16, Tommy Lodge lost the last four ends to hang on to a 14 – 6 win and Michael Yacoub and his rink of Kevin Enguell, Ian Kirkup and Phil Mustoe won 12 – 10 leaving West the winner of the second game by 9 shots.

With one win each the stage was set for a nail biting finish.  Yacoub started wll winning four shots on the first end which was matched by Lodge losing four shots on this end.  Ferrari’s team were playing steady bowls and got out to a 5 – 0 after three ends before going away to a five shot victory despite losing three shots on the last end.  This was the winning margin as Yacoub won by six shots and Lodge lost by a similar margin leaving West the winner retaining the Tony Colwell trophy for another year.

Following the match the following team was selected to represent Strzelecki Region in the state championships at Shepparton at the end of April.

Matt Ferrari Traralgon skip, Vin McIlwain Traralgon, Craig Thornton Newborough and Chris Ward Traralgon.

Daryl Major Philli[p Island skip, Paul Michael Leongatha, Brendon Hackett Leongatha and Brad Corcoran Toora.

Michael Yacoub Skip, George Lambos Newborough, Ian Kirkup Traralgon and Kevin Enguell Traralgon.

Manager Ian Diss Phillip Island

Selector Michael Holroyd Newborough

Michael Holroyd

0434 146 865


Newborough v Inverloch Saturday 10 April

Due to the forecast inclement weather the Strzelecki Region Championship match between Newborough the West Gippsland Division winner and Inverloch the South Gippsland Division winner was transferred to Traralgon Bowls Club Indoor centre.

Nosha Michaels and his rink of Charlie Ward, Barry Daley and George Lambos looked to have started well when they held a few shots in the first end only for the Inverloch rink of Mick Bowman  to move the jack and claim five shots.  The other two Newborough rinks of Kevin Lovett  and Alan Grubb each won their first end.

Michaels’ day went from bad to worse trailing 3 – 24 after eleven ends before rallying to join Kovett’s rink of Brian Carpenter, Rod Lewis and Neale Houston and Grubb’s rink of Tony Knipping, Scott Jones and Craig Thornton to get within five shots of the lead after each team had played fourteen ends and the score was 36 – 41.

This was the end of the Newborough fightback as Inverloch found their groove and went away to a 75 – 46 after 68 ends with Newborough winning each of the last two ends to gain 15 shots losing 75 – 61 leaving Inverloch the winners by fourteen shots.  Inverloch go on to play at the State Championships at Moama.

Inverloch 75 defeated Newborough 61

Warragul Midweek Team wins STRZELECKI REGION PLAYOFF to go to Moama for the State Pennant Championships.




Warragul 69 Leongatha 55 at Moe.

West Gippsland premiers Warragul had an amazing comeback to defeat South Gippsland premiers Leongatha at Moe.  Leongatha got away to a good start leading by upwards of twenty five shots after twenty ends of the sixty three ends to be played.  All of the teams lifted and the gap was gradually pegged back and Leongatha lost what had looked to be a formidable lead earlier in the game.  With ten ends to play Warragul had cemented a good lead which they were able to hang on to for the remainder of the match.

It was a great effort by Warragul who had not won a midweek premiership since 1986 – 87 and to qualify for the State Championships at Moama in May was a great effort and the result of great team play as all players combined to get back in to the game.

Elsie Hefford and her rink of John Vickerman, Steve Pallot and Gabrielle Draisma started well against the Leongatha champion Rosa James’ rink. with two shot on the first end only to trail 2 – 16 after six ends.  Her team rallied scoring eleven shots over the next six ends to trail 13 – 18 before falling away over the next few ends to trail 13 – 22 after 15 ends.  Hefford then drew twelve shots over the last six ends to win the match 25 – 24 in what was a great comeback after being behind 2 – 16.

Janette Gallasch and her rink of Greg King, Peter Gallasch and Chris Wilkins played the strong Leongatha rink of Marj Pearson who had not lost a match all season.  Pearson started well with two fours early in the game and Gallasch trailed 5 – 9 after seven ends.  With Greg King leading well Gallasch was able to get in to a commanding position to win 28 – 12 as she built the foundation for a strong victory.

Shirley Melsen playing skipper in place of Pat Hammond who was on a holiday cruise and her rink of Ian Belling, Graeme Davis and Kerrie Currie struggled to stay in the game against Leongatha’s gun skipper Jenny Miller trailing 7 – 17 after 14 ends, however a four on the next end helped her cut the margin to two shots with nine shots gained over the last six ends to lose to Miller 16 – 19.



The first day of the West Gippsland versus South Gippsland Championship winners was held at Traralgon Indoor facility on Sunday with the winners representing Strzelecki Region in the State Championships held in Bendigo in April.

Wayne Lynch Traralgon had a 21 – 14 win over Alan Easterbrook from Leongatha.

60 + Ladies Pairs Pat Fraser-Aurisch and Karren Sheers Neerim District had an 18 – 7 victory over Rosa James Leongatha and Marilyn Forrest Phillip Island

James Scullin Traralgon defeated Wayne Prks Inverloch 25 – 13 in the Men’s Championship Singles.

Di Richards and Lucy Dalli Traralgon combined with the Neerim District pair of karren Sheers and Pat Fraser-Aurisch to defeat the Corinella team of J Carter, J Brown, M Hoy and B Oates from Corinella.

Les Firth and Steve Barr Drouin won the Men’s 60+ Pairs 17 – 12 over the Toora pair of M Rigaldi and T Corcoran.

In the Men’s State Pairs Brett Harle and David Stevens Morwell Club lost to Russell Trotman and John Hall Leongatha on the last end 19 – 20 after they trailed 6 – 14 before fighting back to gain the lead only for John Hall to ball a series of excellent draw shots under extreme pressure to win the day.  A big effort from the Morwell Club boys who faced top opposition.

In the Ladies State Pairs Sheryl Atkinson and Mary Firth Drouin lost 14 – 16 to Robyn Dennis San Remo and Janice Parks Inverloch.

In the Men’s State Fours James Scullin, Vin McIlwain, Wil McIlwain and Chris Ward after leading early dropped a five and went on to lose 17 – 25 to the Inverlcoh team of S Snelling, S Kantor, M Raman and M Hannaford.

In the Ladies 60+ Singles Luci Dlli Traralgon lost to Lorraine Dowson Inverloch 7 – 21.

In the State Mixed Pairs Meredith Milligan Yinnar and Craig Thornton Newborough lost 13 – 16 to Nicole McKenzie and Mick Coram.

In the State Ladies Singles Pat Trewin Traralgon lost to Nicole McKenzie Fish Creek 16 – 25

In the Men’s State Singles Dave Smith Warragul lost to M Hannaford Inverloch 13 – 25.

The State Event playoffs continue next Sunday at Trafalgar.


The final day of the Strzelecki Region playoffs between West and South Gippsland were held at Trafalgar on Sunday.

Ladies State Singles

Pat Fraser-Aurisch from Neerim District was defeated 25 – 22 by Angela Hackett from Leongatha in a match where Fraser-Aurisch lead early, however, the younger Hackett persisted and drew away to a well earned victory.

Men’s State Triples

The Newborough triple of Craig Thornton, Garry Ingley and Kevin Lovett had a neck and neck tousle with the the Phillip Island trio of G Cohen, P Forrest and R May with an extra end required after the teams were tied 19 all after the allotted 18 ends before the Phillip Island men drew shot to win the deciding end to end an entertaining match.

Ladies State Triples

The Drouin team of Jan Aubrey, Maureen Leighton and Sheryl Atkinson defeated the South Gippsland composite team of N McKenzie, J Parks and M Forrest recording a 20 – 8 victory to be the sole winner on the day for the home Division of West Gippsland.


The following players have been selected to represent Strzelecki Region at the forthcoming State Championships at Shepparton in April:

Jenny Miller Leongatha, Marrilyn Forrest Phillip Island, Marj Pearson Leongatha, Robyn Dennis San Remo

Sheryl Atkinson Drouin, Maureen Leighton Drouin, Kay Garry Traralgon, Pat Trewin Traralgon

Rosa James Leongatha, Pat Fraser-Aurisch Neerim District, Angela Hackett Leongatha and Karren Sheers Neerim District.


Strzelecki Bowls Region State Winners.

Men’s State Pairs….   Russel Trotman & John Hall    Leongatha BC

Ladies’ State Pairs.     Robyn Dennis San Remo BC   & Janis Parks     Inverloch BC    Composite Team

Men’s State Fours.       Stephen Snelling, Steven Kantor, Michael Raman, Martin Hanaford Inverloch BC

60 + Men’s Singles.     Wayne Lynch Traralgon BC

60 + Ladies’ Singles.      Lorraine Dowson.  Inverloch BC

Mixed Pairs.                Michael Coram   Inverloch BC & Nicole McKenzie Fish Creek BC Composite Team

60 + Ladies Pairs.         Pat Fraser-Aurisch & Karren Sheers.  Neerim District.

Champion of Champions Men’s Singles.   James Scullin    Traralgon BC

Champion of Champions Ladies’ singles.    Nicole McKenzie   Fish Creek BC

Men’s State Singles.        Martin Hanaford   Inverloch BC

60 + Men’s Pairs             Steve Barr & Les Firth   Drouin BC

Ladies State Fours.       Di Richards, Lucy Dalli   Traralgon BC, Karren Sheers & Pat Fraser-Aurisch Neerim District BC Composite Team

Men’s State Triples        Glen Cohen, Peter Forrest, Russell May Phillip Island BC

Ladies’ State Triples.       Jan Aubrey, Maureen Leighton, Sheryl Atkinson Drouin BC

Ladies’ State Singles.       Angela Hackett.  Leongatha BC

Michael Holroyd

0434 146 865